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From 'The Tudors' (Season 3, Episode 3). A traitor is tortured in the tower with a red hot poker by Edward Seymour, brother of Queen Jane. Edward II: Edward II's Death (?) - Blogger Susan Higginbotham said.... These are fascinating comments. I tend to think Edward II was murdered by more prosaic means than by a red-hot poker, though I went with tradition when I wrote the scene and had the murderers use the poker (and an upside-down table, which would fit in with Carla's last comments). Edward II of England - Wikipedia

Cause of Death: Allegedly assassinated by having a red hot poker thrust into his anus. Before his deposition in later death in 1327, Edward II ruled for twenty years as King of England. His reign was famously disastrous and was marred by political distrust and military failures.

Was a King of England or Scotland murdered by red hot ... English King Edward II was murdered in his prison at Berkeley Castle on September 21 1327. He was either smothered or, according to the more colourful version, killed by having a red-hot poker thrust into his rectum. King Edward II’s Death – Hot Poker? | Times Higher Education

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The Death of Edward II – natural causes, suffocation or a ...

Who was the English King who got a red hot poker up his Nov 23, 2009 · Who was the English King who got a red hot poker up his chuff and did he enjoy it? 1 following . 10 answers 10. which English king was killed by a red hot poker up his jaksy? ... What's better,a red hot poker in yer ...bum or a thumbtack in yer eye? Poll what is something that is red hot? Answer Questions. Hot Poker Up the Bum -