Henry vs blackjack roof coating

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Best Ponding Water Roof Coating. One of the biggest problems with large Flat Roofs is that they tend to Pond water in certain areas. If this water sits on the roof for more than 48 hours after the rain has stopped it can cause considerable damage to whatever roof surface you have. RV.Net Open Roads Forum: 100% Silicone roof coat a good idea? I have Henry 289 and 587 elastomeric that I was planning on coating the trailer with but I have also considered going EPDM (either a roll or in liquid form.) Just recently I was offered some 100% silicone roof coat (like Henry 887 Tropi-Cool)for a fraction of what it normally sells for. A Tale of "Two Silicones" - Cool Roof Store | Hawaii Renovation A Tale of “Two Silicones” ... In the last three years we have seen the amazing growth of silicone roof coatings in Hawaii’s marketplace, especially for flat roofs that have ponding water. The reason for this is no mystery: Silicone can withstand ponding water for an indefinite period of time without peeling. It also does not chalk or ...

Worn Rubber Roof Repaired Using Henry Tropi-Cool Coating

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Black Jack® Elasto-Kool 1000 – Black Jack Coatings

Gaco Roof Silicone Roof Coating The last roof coating you'll ever need! GacoRoof 100% Silicone Roof Coating is designed as a protective coating to seal and repair existing roofs and permanently protect against leaks, permanent ponding water, and the damaging effects of severe weather. How to apply Cool Roof coatings: 3 easy steps - Lowe's Elastomeric coating: Roof brush, ¾” nap roller, or airless spray in 10”-12” pattern, 2000 psi, .021 to .025 spray tip • Metal • Urethane/polystyrene foam • Concrete roofs • Aged roll roofing, existing aluminum & white coatings • Flat and barrel cement tile Metal. How to apply Cool Roof coatings: 3 easy steps Worn Rubber Roof Repaired Using Henry Tropi-Cool Coating Applying the Henry Tropi-Cool Coating. First I cleaned the roof with an EPDM rubber roof cleaner to get all the old chalky coating that was coming loose off of the roof so we would get a good/strong bond, then rinsed with water. Frequently Asked Roof Coating Questions - Roof Restoration

How To Apply An Elastomeric White Cool Roof Coating - YouTube STA-KOOL White Elastomeric Roof Patch is an extra tough, 7-year warranted, liquid rubber repair compound designed to patch splits, cracks, ... View Video.

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