Dovetail slots for masonry anchors

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Masonry Anchors & Ties. ... Dovetail Slot. Tie veneer to a poured concrete wall. ... Attaching brick veneer anchors. Finish: Climaseal Coated;

A slot which is nailed to a concrete form (the open end is against the wood); the ends of the slot are temporarily closed with a piece of wood or cellular foam. after the concrete is poured and the forms removed, the slot is used for anchoring masonry to the concrete. Masonry to Concrete BL-303 Corrugated Dovetail Brick Tie For anchoring masonry to concrete with 305 Dovetail Slot.NOTE: Blok-Lok recommends Stainless Steel for maximum protection against corrosion. Blok-Lok is not responsible for incompatibility if ties or slots are interchanged with those of other manufacturers. Anchored masonry veneer assembly

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BL-303 Dovetail Masonry Anchor : Wall Anchor Masonry to Concrete ... Dovetail Masonry Anchor is for anchoring masonry to concrete with a dovetail slot . Masonry Anchors and Ties by the Code – Masonry Magazine Sep 14, 2012 ... Masonry anchors and ties are to be designed and installed based on ... Typically dovetail anchor slots are cast into the concrete column, and ... Dovetail Anchors & Weeps - Construction Anchors #303 – Corrugated Dovetail Brick Tie. #305 – Dovetail Slot. • Mill galvanized / hot galvanized / stainless steel. • Standard #303 is 1” wide x 16 ga., 14 ga. or 12 ...

A. Masonry veneer anchors and ties. B. Stone veneer anchors and ties. C. Masonry accessories. 1.2 RELATED SECTIONS A. Section 04810 - Unit Masonry Assemblies. ... Dovetail Anchor Slot: Nail filler side down to concrete forms. Nails should be placed every 12 inches (305 mm). Space Slots [vertically][horizontally] every

Slotted Channel Masonry Anchors Slotted Channel is one of two common systems Steel Fabricators will use as Masonry Anchors to secure Brick, Block, andThere are many systems for connecting masonry to steel structures but the two most common the Steel Fabricator will see specified on shop drawings are the Slotted Channel... The Northwest Masonry Guide - Glossary of Masonry… For masonry units, dimensions are normally given thickness first, height second, and length third. Dog's tooth. Brick laid with their corners projecting from the wall face.Limestone that contains more than ten percent but less than eighty percent of the mineral dolomite. DOVETAIL ANCHOR.